About Howard

I've always loved getting onto the hills and, having recently retired, it is great to have the time to be immersed in some favourite places - from NW Scotland to New Zealand. And also to renew old interests closer to home - in London and the South Coast. I live by the North Downs, but am still a Londoner at heart.

"Just being there" is so underrated! The memory of being in a location is very important: the quiet contemplation (yes, even in London); maybe the flask of tea; the weather; the solitude, or, alternatively, who else may have been there at the time; and what I hoped to get in an image (not necessarily representational). It is great to get a good photo or two from each day out, but if not, nothing is wasted.  And if you are interested to know the photographers who have inspired me (including to achieve my LRPS), click References.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. As an aspiring amateur photographer I appreciate feedback, so if you have any comments, or maybe you would like a print(**), just let me know and I'll get back to you.

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Mount      Print Size     Donation

12"x12"    Up to 10" sq    £20.00

16"x12"    Up to A4         £20.00 

20"x16"   Up to A3         £30.00

Includes mount+backing +UK P&P.

Add £10.00 for Foreign postage.

Note: 2x1 prints are special orders (please enquire, below)

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